The Window of Secrets

The size of a window: I was riding in a truck through the countryside the other day. I looked at a beautiful creek running through the woods, and I couldn’t help thinking of what a great painting it would make. But then, if I compared the painting to the real thing, it really wouldn’t compare. I mean if I sat at that window, without moving, looking at the same creek, in the same woods, I could sit for hours on end, looking at that same place, and there would still be innumerable things to see and to discover right before my eyes. Even if I climbed out and studied everything that I saw, there would be no way to know everything there was to know about that creek and those woods. I could never study every single microscopic detail, even in a lifetime. Even if I could, I would never know that creek’s history. I wouldn’t know all of it’s past, I wouldn’t know it’s future . But the Lord God, who made that creek, and the entire world, knows all there is to about that creek. He knows the very smallest details, right down to the fractions of quarks that we haven’t yet discovered. He knows the geological changes the have occurred over the centuries, and he knows all that will happen in the future.Or, lets look at it this way. If you were to tear down atoms to the smallest size possible, and lets say that those bits of matter were so small, that they were as much of a fraction smaller than the typical atom as there are stars in the heavens. Then, estimate how many of these are in the entire universe. Even using scientific notation, the number of zeros in this number is unimaginable. And God designed and created all of this. He knows all there is to know about it, and he maintains it.The marvellous thing is that this same powerful God still loves us and takes care of us, and sent his son to die for our sins.

Movies: Most of you, like me, don’t really watch many of these really big modern action adventure movies. But there is just something about the movie National Treasure that just gets a person hooked. Maybe it’s the high quality storyline. Maybe it’s the history. Maybe it’s the whiz-bang action. Maybe it’s the side-splitting humour. And yes, for some people, its Nicholas Cage. However, it has been a while since NT’s release in ‘04-’05. If you are like me and most people I have talked to, you memorized even the deleted scenes.But, not to worry, the new movie, National Treasure: The Book of Secrets has all that the first had and more. I wont give it away to you, but if your are inclined to watch movies in the theatre, this is the one to see. Although it isn’t quite as good the first, you must give the makers credit. They had to make a good sequel, that had tons of expectations, and they were using already developed characters. But they managed to produce a high quality film with plenty of original stuff, and anything that was borrowed from the first was done bigger and better, including escapes from the FBI and car cases. The only cautions are that it is extremely pro Lincoln, and it has slightly more kissing than the first. But all things considered The Book of Secrets is a instant favourite and a must-see. NOTE: for the materialist among us, you can get great post-Christmas deals on Legos at Wally-World (Wal-Mart).

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