No, Luke. I am your Blogger!

Why blog?: well, when I first was offered the chance to blog, my one prevailing thought was, “ I could Photoshop that Darth Vader picture and use it for my image header.” pretty dumb, I know. An the craziest part is that I ended up taking the picture down because of family pressure. But nonetheless, God has blessed my blogging efforts, and I never imagined that it would be so much fun.There have, however, been several drawbacks. One is just getting people to my blog. I have built up a small reader base, however. Another is autographs. You just can’t sign them over the internet.

You know, blogging isn’t as easy as it looks. My biggest problem is trying to adjust to what readers want. I mean, I want to talk about what I want to talk about, but I also want to write about something interesting every now and again (wink wink).;-) some other neat blogs that you can go to are my sisters Emily & Ellen’s.

Well I guess I could try more to keep you up to date on what I’m reading, and watching, because that might help people who think blogs are like online newspapers, which is fine. (actually, it gives me a chance to read and watch more). There are people who think we should post on our blogs every day, which, however flattering, would be impossible since I neither think a great thought, read an entire book, or watch a movie every day.

But, I would say, that up to this point, my blog has been a more or less success, and I am extremely grateful for that. Oh, and just out of curiosity, do you think that I ought to put up my Vader picture again? I replace the lame-unrealistic-looking-blue-lightsaber with a cooool-more-realistic-looking-red-lightsaber. It looks better. Really. You can see it on my gallery page.

On the Lego magazine: nothing to write home about. Pretty much all talking about stuff they already released. And there was almost no Exo-Force. One thing to comment on is that this might the last year of Bionicle, and its now that they decide to actually make the Toa cool. But it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m not a huge fan of Bionicle. But I may go ahead an get maybe one or two these new ones, because their weapons are really neat, and would go well with my own creations.

And now a word from my sponsor: banana.

One more thing: I really want you to tell me about what you think of this blog. I don’t want a lot of compliments on how good it is, because I don’t want o be over confident because that is both bad for me, and it can keep me from being myself on my blog. But if you could, like, you know, offer some discussion, or better yet, some constructive criticism, that would be awesome.



  1. #1 by emmawoodhouse on March 14, 2008 - 9:55 pm

    Your titles are usually good, but I think this one’s a little cheesy. And I really don’t think you should use the Vader photo (even if it is new and improved). Family pressure . . .
    Hey, you didn’t mention the Lego comic with Anakin in it! Or did you think there were enough Star Wars references in this post already?
    Seriously, I’m glad to see that you’ve learned one of the great lessons for a young writer: the importance of criticism. Really, it’s vital if you want to be any good. I really like what you’ve already got on your blog, so I can’t think of any changes to suggest . . .
    Your favourite oldest sister,
    From Hartfield, Narnia

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