a unprepared for post.

I’m trying my best: well, I guess its time to put up a new post, though, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know what to write about. I’m just making this up as I go along (wow, I‘m desperate). Maybe I should just tell you what we’ve been doing lately. Well, here it goes.
Wednesday: We went up the Our-Kansas (Arkansas) to visit some friends. It was pretty fun, except we had to leave at four o’clock, and then Trey and I stayed up till ten thirty playing with the ‘Mobile Devastator’ (Exo-Force). If you want to learn the details of the trip, click here.
Thursday: had to get back to life. Did schoolwork, worked out, and I think I wrote a blog post.
Friday: Mom went to town, and it rained most of the day, so we just hung out inside. Trey and I finally finished watching The Patriot.
Saturday: it rained. I Read. Got ready for church tomorrow.
Sunday: finally, a day worth writing home about. We went to church. Trey drove, but I couldn’t really feel the difference. Pastor John finally got back in the pulpit, after a break of about six weeks. He preached an awesome sermon (check back Wednesday or Thursday for some more detailed thoughts on it). After church, we took a couple of my brother and sister’s friends home. That night we had a family over from church for supper before book study, and then, after some other friends arrived, we had just enough time to go out and shoot for a while.
Monday: I tried to block it out of my memory. I had to go and help my weed our asparagus bed. And since I did not wear gloves, In the process of doing this, I gashed my hands to pieces. I had one cut in particular that I needed to have cleaned. It had already left red marks all over my shirt. I cleaned it, put peroxide on it. But then , quite suddenly, I felt like I hadn’t eaten in three days. Then I felt my legs wobble, and my face went like, white. I collapsed onto the nearest bed, and didn’t get back until I had been forced to drink chocolate with a little milk added. What a relief. But it was horridly embarrassing, especially since my sister Ellen, whom I had so teased after the blood sampling incident, was there to see it. I really saw that I should have been more sensitive. Everyone in our family has a great sense of humour, but some things just aren’t funny.
Tuesday: Nothing much yet. Did Schoolwork, worked out, started on a new book (The Night of Weeping and the Morning of Joy, by H. Bonar), wrote a blog post.

Have you heard this version?: I came across an old version of “Come Thou Fount” I a book I am reading. I don’t have the full version, just the last verse. The words are changed a little. I thought it was neat.
“O, to grace what mighty debtors,
Daily, hourly, Lord are we.
Let that grace, like strongest fetters,
Bind our wandering hearts to Thee.
Prone to wander, Lord lets feel them:
Prone to leave Thee, God of love.
Take our hearts, O, take and seal them;
Seal them from thy courts above.”

Well, I am not quite sure how well that turned out. But while I was writing it, I had some Ideas for later post. I guess that they will have to go up later this week. I had better quit for now…

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