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Jesus come quickly: do you long for the day, when Christ shall descend, and take up his kingship on earth? Are you waiting for the day, when you will see your saviour face-to-face? Do you long for the time when fears, sufferings, sin and death will be no more? Well, believer, you are not alone.
We all wait for the day when Christ shall return. But I ask you: are you sure your ready? Search your heart. Do you know God? If not, then you cannot but look at his coming with fear and trembling. But if you are Christ child, than this I say, do not fear. God will take care of his children. In Matthew 24 Jesus makes it absolutely clear that his elect will be protected.

On that day sufferings will be forever gone. Do you think this world is to much for you? Christ is coming. Do you think that you will not be able to wait? Christ’s spirit is here. You will not break, though the load seems as though it is going to crush you. You are up held by the hand of grace. Do you long for these struggles to end? Be patient, and wait on the Lord. Every trial you are put thorough has a refining purpose.

Do you wait for the Lord? He is coming. Make way for him. If you truly believe he is coming, be constantly ready.

If Jesus came to your door tonight, would you have anything to give him? Do likewise for your neighbour. If Jesus be hungry, will you feed him? Do likewise for your neighbour. Give like you have received. Jesus is coming quickly. Until then, pray. Love. Forgive. Live like Jesus is right there now. Because in actuality, he is. You may not always act like Jesus is there. But he is. And where do you wish to be when Jesus comes?

o.k., I have no idea where that came from. I just sat down earlier and started typing. But hopefully its worth something. I do not believe wrong to go on a moments inspiration. (I had something else inserted here, but for the sake of being serious, I backspaced it.)

in review: The Believer’s Pocket Companion (or: the One Thing Needful to make Poor Sinners Rich, and Miserable Sinners Happy), by William Mason. I just finished it. It is literally a pocket companion for two reasons. One is that the entire book is no larger than a wallet. But, it contains more riches within than Bill Gates’ entire bank account. Second is that it is worth being your ‘Pocket Companion.’ I can think of no other book more worthy to have in ones pocket, except one of those pocket sized New Testaments*.

The theme of the entire book is this: Putting on Christ. Yes! for what else could it be about, being meant for believers? It sole purpose is to exhort believers to put on Christ. It lays out the benefits of putting on Christ. It explains the responsibility to put on Christ. And yes, it speaks of the cost of putting on Christ.

It tells of putting on Christ in a three fold way. 1st, it speaks of putting on Christ in the Mind. Of this Mason writes, “Christ, our chiefest Glory, is to much banished from our minds.” 2nd, We are to put on Christ in our memory. Here Mason says, “O thou Christ-conquered soul, is not Christ thy chiefest Joy? Are not his works thy greatest delight? Then, put on Jesus; lay up his glorious work of salvation, in the rich cabinet of thy soul, thy memory.” 3rd, we are to put on Christ in our conscience. This is the one that struck me the most. For, “The death and resurrection of Christ are sufficient to bring peace to the conscience of the greatest sinner out of hell.” How often do we let Satan bring us down? How can we keep this from happening? Mason gives the answer. We are to put on Christ in our conscience.

Mason continues for a 167 page long exhortation, but I will leave this for you to read. Do not think that I could think of nothing else to say about this book.

If you are a believer, you should read this book.** no matter how spiritually mature you believe yourself to be, I am convinced that it will be helpful.

And if you are not a believer, I would advise you to read this book. Before I became a Christian, I began reading it, and the things it laid out about Christians made me feel, more than ever, my own emptiness and that great jealousy toward real believers that I am sure you are familiar with.

On a scale of one to ten, The Believer’s Pocket Companion is a twenty.

* even the American Standard Version.

** (I do not say ‘if you have time’, for most people who lay out this excuse really mean that they don’t have time amongst all the other…stimulating works that they are going through.)



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