living for Christ.

a life worth living: Jesus Christ, the perfect son of God, gave his life for wretched sinners who didn’t deserve it. How much more ought we to give our life to God who does deserve it? Sometimes I have to remind myself that Jesus wants all of my life, not just my hour here or my Sunday there.
what’s God doing?: what brought this up? Well, not to long ago, I was in a low state spiritually. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere; just spinning my wheels. I felt downcast, abandon, like I had been left to myself Spiritually. But then I sat down to my quiet time, and the theme that kept appearing throughout the entire time was, ‘Christ died for you’. It reminded me that I served a loving saviour, who was the same that day, the next day, and forever. Then, as the quiet time drew to a close, I picked up The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas A Kempis. It showed me that I ought to live my life for Christ, since he lived his for me.
I thought about how hard I had been attempting to move myself forward Spiritually; when what I really needed was to just live my life for Christ. I guess it just goes to show the unsatisfactory answers we get when we look to ourselves.

But you know, often we don’t like to give everything to Christ. We like to divide our heart, see how much we will have leftover when we give so and so much. I have that problem with birthday shopping too. But we come to Christ with half of our hearts, and say, “Is this enough?” and Christ says no, and that we must go back and get the part that we left with the scum. So we go back, scoop out another quarter or so, and say, “Is this enough?” and we get a negative answer. I am thoroughly convinced that, if not stopped, we would go on in this same pattern forever. But Christ, I his mercy steps in, and shows us his great love; and he does a continuing work in our lives, so that, in the end, we are clothed with his righteousness, and our hearts are completely given to him. This doesn’t come easily. Indeed, I don’t believe it doesn’t come at all in this life. But the great work has begun. Praise God.

rutherford’s turn: I find it most true, that the greatest temptation out of hell, is to live without temptations; if my waters should stand, they would rot. Faith is the better of the free air, and of the sharp winter storm in it’s face.

hint at tomorrow: tomorrow or the day after I should have put up my review of: Prince Caspian!!!!




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