walking by faith, and a few prayer requests

hebrews 11: I been really struggling over the past few days. I sat down to my quiet time and it was like, not for the first time, I felt like I was spinning my wheels spiritually. I opened up to my daily New Testament reading: I found myself in Hebrews Eleven. It struck me like a cannonball that I have not really been showing faith in God of late. I mean, it is so easy for me to begin to fidget and get impatient for something to happen. I let my mind get cluttered with worries in my daily activity, and then that translates itself into my mind spiritually. I just need to remember God’s work[s] and promises; but I keep looking to my own inadequacy. I think it has a lot to do with self love; I want God to act in the way I expect and hope for; in the way I am used to. But, as Aslan would put it, “things never happen the same way twice”. WE are no the determining factor in the way God acts. If God kept on doing the things that I wanted him to do, I would be literally spinning my wheels.
Now we look at the faith of the people in the Old Testament. Just look at that list in Hebrews! All the things they did, by faith. They had seen God’s works, and they were willing to act upon that. How much more ought we to have faith, we who have seen the work of Christ.
Now I am not suggesting that faith is something you can just conjure up. I can’t create faith; I can’t get more faith. I think the real difficulty is walking by faith. It may not always seem directly obvious that God is doing something. But I just have to remember: He will never leave His children to themselves. And if I just look, I see a million things that show that I ought to be walking by faith just from past experience. For example: while I was thinking over these things, I remembered that not long ago, I had asked God if it were His will, that he would put me through hard times so that I might grow closer to him. So, in reality, I had been given a grace I didn’t deserve. God gave me what I asked, though in a way I hadn’t looked for; and in a way I really wasn’t worthy of. And he taught me some great things about faith.
And by the way, I am not suggesting that Christianity is a complete failure when I talk about the O.T. saints. I mean, if Christians had no faith, they wouldn’t keep coming to God. Indeed, in some ways, our faith must be something greater than theirs. If nothing else, our faith has a better foundation. When you think about it, we can have confidence in Christ Jesus, and we can place our hope in him. A faith without a foundation is a dead faith. I mean, look at the Muslims. They’ll do anything. But the faith of Islam is rooted in one thing, as are all other false religions: rejection of God. But we can have faith in the work of Christ past, present, and future.
While faith is being talked about, there is another area where we should be showing faith now, and where God has been working already: we are still in a period of fitful anxiety about what’s going to happen to Josiah. If you been reading the other family blogs, you probably know where things are right now. And believe, this is the period where faith really comes into play. Faith that God will do what’s best, that is; not faith that he will do what we want. We really need to lean on Christ through this time. Because, in reality, the best laid plans may fail. I not trying to be gloomy. Please don’t take me wrong. But still, to all those who are reading, we need your prayers, that we would be open to whatever our Saviour has planned, and that if it is God’s will, He would bring Josiah safely to us.

pray for ethiopia: have y’all been going to Mr Anthony’s blog? Well, if you have, you’ll know that he and a few other guys from our church are over in Ethiopia doing a Pastors Training deal. It’s a great ministry they’re doing, and I am really praying for them.

in life and song: we also need to remember to keep praying for th eSteven Curtis Chapman family. I was listening to THIRD DAY earlier and i heard Steven Curtis’ voice singing I See Love. It suddenly reminded me of what that family is going through. For those of you that dt know, Steven Curtis was having a family gathering; his daghter was soon to be married and his son one of his sons was graduating.  But amist all that joy, it was God’s good pleasure to take one of the little girls from China away from that in a car accident. We need to pray fo r that family. I really believe in Steven Curtis’ ministry, and in him i see an example of on ewho professes Christ with his mouth and his life.

  1. #1 by Hannah on May 29, 2008 - 12:25 pm

    I heard about the chapmen family, That’s soooo sad. the song “Cinderella” was a song he wrote mainly for Maria Sue Chapmen. Now every time I listen to it I think about the accident 😦 Emily is the one getting married and Caleb is the one graduating from High School…… there was a web site I went to that told about the accident and the post had been posted that day and there were 7311 comments by 1:00 pm, it was posted at 10:30am… I didn’t read them all but most of them were sad 😦

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