exposition: psalm 23, verse one

he must be crazy: well, I am. I am not trying to put together any sort of profound work here, I am just sharing my thoughts on this passage with the rest of you. Oh, and if my theology is bad, please tell me. I a little nervous as it is.

verse one: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” these amazing words summarize the life and death of a Christian. We, the poor, stupid, faltering sheep, are in the hands of a Shepherd who can and will supply our every need. That Shepherd doesn’t need our wool for comfort, nor our milk or meat for satisfaction. That Shepherd tends to us because he loves us; even enough to give his own life for us.

This verse begins by referring to the Lord as our Shepherd. a Shepherd is someone who looks after sheep. He watches, and he guards us from the wolves. And my friend, that’s just what we need. This world is a continual trap for evil. Every day, from the moment you get up, there are wolves all around you, snarling at you, ready to tear your souls to pieces the moment they see their chance. Now who are these wolves? I would say that the one would be the devil; and second that sin which so easily besets us. When we look at our own weakness, and our frailties, against the immense power of the devil, there is really only one source of comfort for us: The Lord, the Lord of heaven and earth, is our Shepherd.

And of course, as is the case with most Shepherds, the Lord’s sheep are prone to wander. We run after other things. Often times the shepherd must prod his sheep to get them to return to the fold. This is just what God does for us. When we are put under trials, and made to suffer, we must realize that God has a teaching purpose for all things. Forget ease! Our Spirits our often times the most blessed when our bodies are the least.

i shall not want: I am sure you’ve heard the expression, “Count you blessings”. and I am sure your familiar with the reply, “I could count mine on one hand.” well, do you think you deserve more than that? But seriously, it’s amazing how we often don’t notice our blessings unless there’s a want. You want this or that, and if you get it, your amazed.

But blessings are even easier to see when we’re focusing more on the Blesser. (Christian, have you ever been thinking, “Things are really going bad. What’s God doing?” and then, you suddenly see all the blessings you have received, and you feel like you’ve just been empty and then filled at the same time? I have. You feel empty in yourself. You feel full in Christ)

The passage says, “I shall not want.” this is so true! We have a Shepherd whose resources are limitless; whose well will not run dry, whose barns will not go empty. And he knows what is good for us. Sometimes we may feel like thinking, “It ought to say, I shall not need.” but that is not true in the least. We may have worldly lusts and greed occasionally, but our Shepherd keeps from us our worldly wants now, to save us from Spiritual wants later*.

Do you feel at all overwhelmed in your Shepherd? Do you feel that he has left wants unanswered? I think we all should spend more time in thanking God for his provision (myself not the least), and asking for his wisdom to discern his purpose (if it be his will) in things that we don’t understand.

*now, that is not to say that we are totally void of temporal pleasures. I eat to much food that I don’t need, watch to many movies, and have to many Legos to say such a thing in good conscience.J

rutherford’s say: Let Him make anything out of me, so being He be glorified in my salvation: for I know I am made for him.

and: Every day we see some new thing in Christ. His love hath neither brim nor bottom.


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