of love and the like

something like/love: in our flirt filled society, the word like is used, like, way to much to refer to attraction on the part of a person towards another person, of the opposite gender. Another way to put it is to say that they have a ‘crush’ on that person. (How the two phrases could possibly relate is beyond me). That’s not a good thing. But to tell you the truth, there are many whom I say I ‘like’, only under a different definition. When I say I like someone, it could mean that I admire them as a person, or that I regard them in a positive way, but more likely it means: I enjoy or have a preference towards their personality or company. There are certain people that I just get pleasure out of being around.

Now it must follow that there are some people that I dislike. Well, yeah, there are. “AHA! So you admit that you allow yourself to dislike certain people.” to tell you the truth, I think to like one person or thing and dislike another is not inherently wrong. I think it’s just part of being human. I am convinced that Jesus did not ‘like’ the Pharisees.

However, that having been said, we should never allow our preferences to affect the way we react towards those people. Dislike for people should never be fed; but on the contrary, we should try to tame our dislike, to where, no matter what, we allow no amount of contempt or distain to well within us, and we do try to show the people that we are not overly fond of them. (Not to say that freedom from such things is humanly possible). Also, for the Christian, being around people we dislike can be an incredible sanctification tool. To discipline ourselves, to where we can put down dislike, and allow love to shine, is a difficult, but awarding exercise. Our Lord bore all things well with the Pharisees, while we get rowed up just reading about all the reasons he had for anger with them.*

Now love, on the other hand, is entirely different. Every Christian must love (see 1 John 4:7-21). Before I knew Christ, I didn’t know what love was. To me, love was based on what someone did for me. It was not until I met Christ that I not only saw what love was, but I learned to give it. There are so many people, that when I see them, I think, “Now there’s a person I absolutely cannot stand.” but it seems to follow, on second glance, “but I love them.” the difference between love and like is that like is based on preference. To love is to feel so intensely for someone that you don’t care about how good or bad they are, or how fun or annoying they are; you just love them. At least, that is true love, love without condition, such as Christ has for us.

Then again, it could be said that there are many different kinds of love; but I won’t get into that. I guess what brought this on was me thinking about all the people in my life, who I somehow love more than I like. It really can only be attributed to Christ; I feel an intense desire for their souls, but it is really Christ in me. where did that go?: I was reading over some of my old blog posts, and I couldn’t help thinking, “Man, being fifteen has really put me past my prime, especially as far as spelling and grammar go.” I enjoy blogging now more than ever, but recently, my post have gotten, well, lame. My older post were longer, better written, and they were free of all the atrocious spelling errors I find myself making now. Or, I correct myself, maybe I just felt freer with what I wrote. Maybe typing on HAL has kinda effected my brain in some bizarre way. Whatever it is, I’ll try to get back on track in the days and weeks to come.

*that having been said, I do not mean that we are to tolerate wrong like we should tolerate the things that are just annoying. Our Lord made accusations against the Pharisees throughout the Bible, but that was because he they were wicked, not because their ways just got on his nerves.


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