mountains and such

what’s been going on?: your guess is as good as mine. It’s been a rather uneventful week. Just normal life. In other words, boring. But that’s okay. If there were no boring times, excitement would lose it’s flavour.
reading: I’ve been going through the material for our study. Looking at notes, Passages of scripture; memorizing verses, and of course, trying to apply what I’ve learned from the previous weeks. Thus far, this study has been a blessing. We got a collection of old Charles Dickens books, along with some other classic works (Treasure Island, The Vicar of Wakefield, ect.), so we’ve all been digging into those. I finally started on The Pickwick Papers; those are pretty fun. Also, I am going through Knowing God by J. I. Packer, Old Paths by J. C. Ryle, and The Book of Lost Tales by J.R. R Tolkien.
how’s Josiah?: Well, at the very precise and exact moment, he’s napping. Wow. He’s a little sick at the moment, I’m afraid. Hopefully he’ll be up and ‘running’ in a day or two.
On par with my last post, I can’t help but be overwhelmed at the great grace God has shown in giving Josiah to us. Even though we’ve had him for quite a while now, he still serves as a living memorial of just how good our Father in heaven is. I continue to pray that God would bless Josiah more in the hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades to come, an that He would eventually bring Josiah to Himself.
Josiah has gotten to where he grins like, all the time he’s not sleeping (or crying). He is so cute when he does that. Also, he’s begun to communicate with us. While our knowledge of his language is rudimentary, we are able to communicate our feeling to each of fluently as if we all spoke the baby dialect.

Also along those lines, I saw a picture of the Easterlings new boy in Ethiopia, and he is jaw-dropping handsome. He’s got those fine eyes that Ethiopians have, as well as a bright and intelligent face. I’m really glad for the Easterlings and their near family. I love y’all, and I’ll be praying.

a favourite song: Here’s a little song I wrote, You might want to sing it note for note… just kidding. Really, I didn’t write this. It was written by Mac Powell, of Third Day:

I thought that I was all alone,

Broken and afraid,

But you were there with,

Yes you were there with me,

Well and I didn’t even know,

That I had lost my way,

But you were there with me,

Yes you were there with me,

‘til you opened up my eyes I never knew,

That I couldn’t ever make it without you,


Even though the journey’s long,
And I know the road is hard,
Well the One who’s gone before me,
He will help me carry on.
And after all that I’ve been through,

Now I realize the truth,

That I must go through the Valley,

To stand upon the Mountain of God.

And as I travel on the road,

That you have led me down,

You are here with me,

Yes you are here with me,

And I have need for nothing’ more,Oh, now that I have found,

That you are here with me,

Yes you are here with me,

I confess from time to time I lose my way,

But you are always there to bring me back again,


Sometimes I think of the ways I’ve come from,
And the things I’ve left behind.
But what I’ve had, what I’ve possessed,
Nothing can quite compare,
With what’s in front of me,

With what’s in front of me!



  1. #1 by Hannah on July 22, 2008 - 6:40 pm

    Awww!!!!! That’s a CUTE picture of Josiah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see Mrs. Anna’s baby!!!!!

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