sorry!!: I really haven’t been keeping up lately. I really deserve a sharp reprimand. Sorry.

a little late: I have wanted to post something along these lines for quite a while now. Last night’s study prompted me to it.

The study was on pride. Pride! That sin which brought down Lucifer, which destroyed Adam and all his descendants. Pride with all its subtle ways, its infection of our very nature. How enormous is mankind’s pride; so great that it shan’t be destroyed till we reach heaven. But even so, pride seems nothing against grace. Grace, supplied by Christ himself, who, though being in the form of God, humbled himself more than all men. Grace, which is a direct enemy of Pride. What proud, stuck up being would ever wish to be granted grace when they didn’t deserve it? Only those whose hearts have been changed by Christ.

I must confess, that my blog has been a source of pride on several occasions. You may have noticed, that in several recent posts, I’ve have been rambling about myself. I don’t mean when I tell you what I’ve been doing or when I’m just being goofy; I mean, when I talk about things that I deem serious, I am always talking about my own experience; I try to turn the attention my own way. One of the points in the study last night dealt with this; one of the subtle ways that our pride shines forth is we continue to speak of our own experience. As the was said in the essay that our study was based on, (now this is a lengthy quotation),

“To talk much about ourselves, of our own experiences and discoveries, though under pretence of giving glory to God, is a sure proof that we are as gods to ourselves, and that we would have others filled with admiration of the distinguishing favours we enjoy, and have them know what eminent saints we are. This was the very spirit of the Pharisee in the parable. In words he gave glory to God, for making him to differ, ‘God, I thank Thee, that I am not like other men.’ He was not as other men; he was distinguished with divine favours, and was far more eminent in holiness and piety than all others. It is true, he acknowledges that God made him to differ; but then his mind dwells on the difference itself, till he is swollen bigger than all mankind put together.”

Well, in the study last night, we studied Thomas Charles’ essay on Spiritual Pride. He said some amazing and heart piercing things. But throughout the study, grace continued to come up. Grace; how, without it, should human being ever learn humility? God’s grace in revealing himself, in even the smallest ways. For, as Mr Roberts says it, (which was brought up by Pastor John last night), pride is often fed by comparison. When god reveals himself, can we be anything but humbled? Marvellous grace, that God would both humble us before him, yet give us boldness to come before him as a child to a father. I have spoken about grace many times; yet the subject never seems to be exhausted. We need grace to live on grace. Only by living on grace is pride subdued. May God help us to live on grace.

this isn’t going so well: I’m procrastinating. In the summer months, mind is so busy and cluttered that I can’t write those War and Peace length blog posts that I used to even if I try. I guess it comes form not putting enough thought into what I’m about to write. I know I sound like a broken record, but I will try in do better.


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