anakin meets the sausage grinder (and gets a new apprentice)

note: it was my intent to post this Saturday, and something of a little more substance today; but we were experiencing bizarre technical difficulties on the one, and gone most of the other.
celebrating the death of a pig: Anakin is gone; gone forever. No more will he hold down the floor of the pigpen so well; no more will he fight with Padme for food. He has been ground into sausage; cut into ribs; and sliced into pork chops. Oh, Anakin, how we will miss you; how Padme groans for loneliness. Yet no regrets; no regrets he have. You may be dead, but how sweet is your sausage! Today, when I put a remnant of your most esteemed person into my mouth, how I savoured your flesh. How tasty! How succulent! You have served your purpose well; your master, Trey, has raised you well. Padme, Anakin may be dead, but weep not! For the memory of his pigness will remain sizzling for a long time to come.
an animated Star Wars?: hey, if it works, it works. Well, I went into the theatre on Friday to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars thinking it wouldn’t. At least, not very well. I mean, 1) it was animated, and 2) they had cast new voices for Padme, Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan. Please! Okay, I will tell you a little about the movie, and try my absolute best not to spoil it for anyone.
From the opening scene, I was a little disappointed with the animation. But as time past, I did see how, while they didn’t achieve Pixar detail, they managed to make it fun. Several of the things that looked bad I think they did on purpose (by the way, the animated Mace Windu and Kit Fisto both looked really cool). But, when I saw the first battle scene (and the second, and the third, and the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.) I really forgave them. I would say, without reserve, that this was definitely one of the most fun Star Wars ever. The action went way beyond almost anything in the others. I would say that The Clone Wars had all the action of a normal Star Wars, and then some, only in an hour and a half long period. It wasn’t cheesy, unbelievable mumbo jumbo like some of you may have seen in the in the old stupid T.V. show. Instead it reinforced what The Incredibles (and no other I’ve seen) proved: even though it’s animated, the action doesn’t have to be goofy. But I won’t tell you about any of it: you gotta’ see it to believe it. (by the way, the new voices actually sounded pretty good.)
It had an amazingly good story. Unlike the old line animated T.V. show, this actually had an independent storyline rather than just trying to fill in the gaps. I won’t tell you much, but to sum up, Separatists leader Count Dooku has kidnapped Jabba the Hutt’s son in an attempt to frame the Jedi for the crime, thus securing the outer rim trade routs, which Jabba control, for the use of the Separatists cause. The Jedi, aided by their scarce clone battalions, must win the young Huttlet back, against armies of battle droids, and the evil, and extremely clever, efforts of count Dooku and his super-tough assassin, Asajj Ventress. Added into the mix, and playing an important part, is Anakin’s new Padawan apprentice, Ahsoka Tano. Of all the characters in this film, I had the lowest hopes for this one. But her character ended up working really well, and they really did a good job of involving the audience in the slightly arrogant, highly reluctant master and enthusiastic, “Snips” apprentice relationship between Anakin and herself. It was this element of the movie, more than anything else, that really surprised me.
And I may shock certain readers by saying this, but some of my favourite characters in the film were the Clone commanders and troopers. They were self-sacrificing, courageous, and dedicated to serving the Jedi generals and their republic.
And finally, it was hilarious!! It was loaded with battle-droid humour, like what was seen in Revenge of the Sith, only tenfold more.

Cautions: Ahsoka, having just graduated from youngling to Padawan, does not adhere to the normal JedI Knight dress code; Clone Captain Rex quietly cusses in one scene.

That’s probably enough for now. Let me sum it up with this: the Clone Wars is definitely taking the place of second favourite animated movie, as well as probably being my fourth favourite Star Wars. 

I know I said I would talk about R.A Torrey’s How to Pray. I plan to do that soon, as well as posting a few other things that have been on my heart.

  1. #1 by rileydad on August 27, 2008 - 5:15 am

    something of a little more substance today

    I for one would like to see less Star Wars & more of your substance. Your Spiritual / serious post are always edifying & challenging to your readers.

  2. #2 by Hannah Baggett on August 27, 2008 - 10:59 am

    Awww the poor pig 😦 I bet Padme will get over it ….. Sounds like he tasted WONDERFUL

  3. #3 by flinding on August 30, 2008 - 5:05 pm

    Star Wars & more of your substance.
    This is the first Star Wars post I’ve ever done.

  4. #4 by maidenoftheroses on September 19, 2008 - 9:07 am

    Oh please don’t name a pig Obi-Wan. I couldn’t eat him! Your other pig names have tasted good, though. Obi-Wan is too good. 😦

  5. #5 by Flinding on September 19, 2008 - 9:20 pm

    If I am crazy enough to name a pig Obi-Wan, I won’t tell you.
    If i am crazy enough to raise my own pig, there’s no telling what I’ll name it.:-0

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