back again

where have you been?!: sorry. I really haven’t been keeping up lately. I’ve been at my grandfather’s all week. I’ll try and do better now that I’m back.

a thought about love and grace: “To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved.” Ephesians 1:6. This verse really struck me because of what it said about the grace of our Lord. Christ, through his grace, had done a perfect work when he cleansed us from our sins. In our own selfish, self serving, self loving nature; in our wallowing in sin and the shamefulness of this world, God, being infinitely holy and just, could not but abhor our very presence as sinful beings, and it was only his mercy that kept us from being swept into the deepest corners of hell. But Christ, God’s own Son, laid down his own life for our sins, the just for the unjust, so the at we might be accepted “in the beloved.”. That we might be taken in as sons by a holy father in heaven. To be accepted. Oh, feast on that word. To be found guiltless in the presence of a holy God; to fall, accepted, into the widespread arms of a loving Father. “Acceptance.” to be found fit for God’s presence in Christ.

But it was not really our salvation that I thought of, as much as the work of grace after conversion. Our sinful nature are still within us. We will never reach perfection until we reach heaven; we are still corrupt and filthy. But we can still, even in this life come before God as accepted children. When we go to pray, or read our Bible, it is so easy for our minds to drift to our own struggles; our own unworthiness. We come before God and say that we have failed (usual it is related to some issue prevalent in our mind at the time), that we are unworthy, and empty. We probably feel that way because, well, it’s true. But we must not forget the work of Grace. Through his infinite grace, God has seen fit to sanctify and cleanse us by his Spirit. As we go through our daily walk with Christ, the Holy Spirit is working in us to change to what we should be, by the grace that is supplied in Christ. And why? So that we might be accepted in the beloved.

Okay, so where do we go from here? Well, I think our response should be to rely more on Grace rather than our own strength. This is difficult because of pride. We are so corrupted that we think that our own works are just as sufficient as the Work of Christ. We want to rely on our strength in one area or another. But why? So we can get more glory for ourselves. We would rather bring a little praise to ourselves than give it all to Christ by relying on his grace. We should learn to rely solely on the grace of Christ. Every day, we should realize that the grace of Christ is sufficient for everything. We have such a hard time asking for God’s help, especially in the little things that we think that we can handle.

samuel rutherford, or so i’ve heard, said: I am like a low man looking up to a high mountain, whom weariness and fainting overcometh. I would climb up, but I find that I do not advance in my journey as I would wish; yet I trust He shall take me home against night.


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