“let all creation sing in wonder…”

a day at the zoo: we spent the day at the Memphis zoo yesterday. It’s gotten to where we do that several times a year. I really enjoyed it, as always, and even though, amazingly, zoo itself hadn’t changed much since the last time, every visit seems to hold something new for me. Whether it was the rowdy and hilarious Gibbons, or the amazingly talented sea lions in the Northwest Passage,, or the odd tree frogs with the “what are you looking at” expressions, or the miracle of life as it is expressed in the baby giraffe, the living manifestations of beauty that I saw in the cheetahs, tigers, and others members of Cat Country; or the elephants, hippos, komodo dragons, pandas, or gorillas, that could really care less, the zoo never seems to get old.

Although the zoo itself hardly promotes a Christian worldview, I could not but amazed at the amazing love and beauty shown in creation. To think that every pretty, or ugly, smelly, or cute, and all round amazing animal in that zoo represents only a fraction of the entirety of the amazing creatures that our God has made. One of my very favourite examples were the sea lions. I loved watching as they threw Frisbees, leapt from the water, pick up trash, bounced balls, and struck poses at hand signals. Even after the show, while the others looked at the polar bears, I was drawn to the window to watch the foresaid amazing creatures glide through the water in a perfect and lovely manner which, if you watched it long enough, could mystify you. And just think: each one of those sea lions was lovingly designed down to the whisker by the One who also made us, loves us, and takes care of us. The same is true of the cheetahs, with their muscle bulging from beneath their golden and black coats with every movement; the poison arrow frogs, who seemed to have all the blue of the sky and the ocean together gathered into their noxious skin; the pandas, who always made sure that their portions of the floor didn’t stand up and walk away; and every other animal you can think of, at the zoo or otherwise.

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” sadly, the Memphis zoo tries a bit to hard to adjust some of the exhibits to the culture of the country from which the animal comes. That isn’t necessarily bad, till you reach the Indian based Northwest Passage and the Chinese animal exhibit. But even though that stuff is present in the aforesaid, the people at the Memphis have excepted the modern worldview that every single beautiful animal that they live and work with in their zoo came about by random evolutionary processes. They don’t say it unusually often, but it’s there. I can’t but wonder, “How many of the keepers really believe that? How can the people who are actually going near the animals actually except that that?” The answer: they have to. Outside of Christ, they have to say “no”, to any obvious evidence for design.

But again, all must admit that the animals are wonderful, but you must ask, “If they accept evolution, why go to a zoo at all?” What profit is it to go and see random processes at work? It would be like going to an art museum an looking at a display that said: “We placed a paint can and a canvas in a room together, and after a hundred years, we took them both out, and now, we have a beautiful painting.” but all you see is a dusty and mouldy canvas. (and you think, “I’ve got one of those: I’m gonna be rich!”). but the difference at the zoo is, the beautiful painting is there. The evolutionist are still scratching their heads. Where did that come from? I know the answer. It can be found in Genesis 1:20-25.

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