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fire-flick: after the unexpected success of the film Facing the Giants, Sherwood pictures shot for making a film with better acting, better make, heavier messages, and -dare I say it- a better story.
Enter Fireproof.Despite what many people, including Alex and Brett Harris, said, I did not think Facing the Giants was the best Christian film in the world. Far, far from it. The story was applied with a fifty-one yard -I mean pound- sledgehammer, and it could have been better. Not to say that FTG was not a good film and a commendable effort, especially for one hundred thousand dollars. But the new Film was exceedingly better. The very best Sherwood picture yet, in fact, if that is really saying much.

never leave your partner behind: the life of a fireman cannot be easy. It’s full of near death situations, from cars stalling on train tracks to saving little girls from burning buildings. However, for fire Chief Caleb Holt, played by volunteer actor Kirk Cameron, it’s like a break from normal life. Because the spiritual state of his home is a lot worse. He is constantly frustrated with his wife because of her constant disrespect and bad attitude towards him. For her part, she cannot cope with the pressure of working at the hospital, while trying to take care of her parents and keep her own house in order, whilst being married to a husband that she knows is addicted to the internet (in the worst sense). By the end of the first few scenes, both of them “want out” (something that had obviously been alluded to already). That’s when Caleb’s dad steps in and gives Caleb what he calls a ‘love dare’. Basically, It’s a book that encourages him to do something new for his wife every day. Caleb, with the encouragement of a Christian co-fire-fighter, reluctantly takes it up. But if his heart isn’t really in it, could it not just backfire on him?

In a lot of ways, Fireproof is similar to the first two. It has that clean, somewhat corny humour style scattered throughout, and of course, it comes from the main characters goofy co-workers. The story, although much deeper and more complex, shares a lot of the same elements. But in a lot of ways it’s different. Sherwood aims this film at married couples, and there are some intense, adult elements blended in, most of which go over the kid’s heads. The messages on marriage are for the most part told very well. It has a few edge of your seat moments, but all with a rather predictable outcome. The story is stronger and better written, though I have said that already. And it is accompanied by a much better score, with some better orchestrations, and more Third Day and Casting Crowns songs.

Back to the movie itself, as was expected at the from the moment I sat down, Caleb, through the influences of his dad, is eventually led to Christ. But, stunningly unlike the other two films, things are hardly smooth from that point forward. Quite the reverse. While Caleb is more committed to saving his marriage then ever, such damage has been done that his wife is running in the opposite direction. To make thing much worse, his wife is has been meeting with another man. Fire-fighting isn’t getting any easier. But Caleb continues working hard….

That’s probably as much as I can reveal. Sure enough, Fireproof has Facing the Giants licked. Kirk Cameron delivers an excellent performance, and his fellow actors and actresses were highly commendable. But this film is not without blemishes. Despite the fact that I said the story was better, way to many of the messages of this film, however good, were written with a hammer and chisel. But I can’t tell you how you’ll like the film: I can only give a recommendation. While this isn’t this most well made movie in the world, it is family-friendly, and openly Christian. If you really feel like going to see a movie right now, you should see this one. If not, wait for the DVD. To wrap it up, Fireproof the best Sherwood Picture yet, and high on the list of best Christian films.

  1. #1 by ellie16 on October 9, 2008 - 2:38 pm

    This movie was actually far above my expectations (I liked Facing the Giants the first time I saw it, but it was far from excellent). But Fireproof was really very very good. I can say that after seeing it, I can’t wait to see what Sherwood Pictures comes up with next, since every movie they do seems to be better than the last. I definitely reccomend seeing this when the DVD comes out (if not before)

  2. #2 by flinding on October 14, 2008 - 3:46 pm

    This was probably the worst review I’ve done yet. I admit I was a bit to hard on it.

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