a couple of shocking revelations

Alert! I will be putting up new Ethiopia pictures in the gallery soon. I will start posting more almost everyday, so check in.
cokebfw A couple of Ethiopians hauling Coke bottles.


the return of the procrastinator: Once again, like so man times before, I have been lazy. But, since everyone has a blog these days, I’m not that worried. If people see that I haven’t written anything they will generally go to the next person on the list. Example: “Hi! Welcome to Norton’s blog. I am sorry I haven’t post in three hours, but my iPhone is a little on the down side today. I am posting now to remind you that I am three years old today. I am saving up my five dollars Toys r’ Us gift cards. I’m hoping to get one of those new leap pads so I won’t have to keep posting from the old desktop anymore. Anywho, today I threw mud at the neighbour’s house, ate cake, took an afternoon nap, drank from my sippy cup, and spent all the rest of my time watching Dora the Explorer with my sixteen year-old sister. Come at eight o’clock and I’ll tell you what I did tonight.”
And y’all are probably thinking I’m an idiot for saying such a thing. “Why don’t you post something we want to read?” you say. “why don’t you talk about Ethiopia? Why don’t you talk about what sort of puppy Barack Obama should bring to the Whitehouse? Why don’t you talk about the fact that the metric system is better that the whatyamacallit system? Why don’t you say that the economy [the what?] is crashing and we’ll all be killed when it lands on us? Huh?!” well, then I’d have to say, See paragraph one, line one.
I think I would be a little more successful in my blog if I could find some way to make a lot of people come to it, and then come up with a clever catchphrase to place under the title that really inspires people (to come back). But catchphrases never were my strongpoint. (In fact, I still haven’t figured out what is).

I guess this blog will always be a place where the people I care about can come and see what been going on in my mind and life, so that we are saved the trouble of communicating or having anything to do with e-mail. And if there lucky, they’ll see I haven’t posted and say, “Oh, he leads a boring life now. Looks like it’s my lucky day.” and chuckle in a passive voice as they move on to the next blog. (But you can only take that first part seriously. If it’s true).

Well, I was going to write something, and then I thought, Man, I’ve gone and made my monologue too long. Then my sister came to me and said, “When are you going write about the new Revelation project? Not that I am interested in reading it.” and I thought, Well, actually, I had intended to write something a little more serious today. But it’s a little late for that. Or is it? Or am I ever going to shut up?

Has it come to the point where I can’t write seriously anymore? Well, honestly, I haven’t run out of ideas. But it seems so much harder to write them than it is to write this kind of stuff. But then, with this blog I have influence, albeit to a very small degree, over just about anybody who reads it. I know we don’t like to think of things that way, but it’s true. Especially those who do not know Christ, and are, so to speak, “on the outside looking in”. And with influence comes responsibility. There is, after all, more to life than joking about politics and Third Day CDs, as fun as those things may be. And I don’t think there needs to be so much division in the things I write. The “serious” stuff and the “fun” stuff shouldn’t be separated; but at the same time, neither of them should be eliminated. But at the same time, I need to hold to my word. Like right now.

the shocking revelation: I was casually listening to the radio the other day (about five months ago. Remember, “the other day” could mean anything) when I was shocked to hear that Third Day was coming out with their new album without me even knowing it. So I said aloud, “I am getting that as soon as it comes out.” boast not about tomorrow, I guess. I didn’t get it. I kept wanting to, but I was in no position to spend money. Finally, when I got home from Ethiopia, it was sitting on my desk along with the rest. Well, better late than never. In some cases, at least. I popped it in the CD player and started listening. It was unlike any Third Day CD I had heard yet. The music style, while it was essentially the same, had more…I don’t know, style to it. The lyrics were like and different from any that TD has done. They, like the music, carried essentially the same message, it was applied in somehow deeper and more moving way. Some of my personal favourites were song like Call My Name and Run to You, which were accompanied by awesome music even though their lyrics were a bit simplistic; others, like Born Again (see “An almost late birthday post”), Ready, Revelation and Take it All were sometimes worshipful and even thought provoking. And then there were songs like This is Who I Am, I Will Always Be True, Caught Up In Yourself, Slow Down and Otherside that were reminiscent of good old, plain Third Day style. So, Revelation is a great CD either for fans or those who are just getting introduced to Third Day for the first time. And for my blog readers, most of whom could care less, that’s a posts’ worth. I guess the mark of a good Blogger is that he post things that are of interest to him and his reader, however few. I’ll post again soon, and try harder to pass the test.




  1. #1 by Katie on November 12, 2008 - 11:23 pm

    Jacob? You POSTED? Ok, y’all, this is history in the making right here.

  2. #2 by flinding on November 13, 2008 - 10:44 am

    Just for that…..
    Your right.

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