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As far as I know, very, very little of what happened in 2008 was anything like what I expected. From about 12:30, after I had made sure that tea was the first thing that passed through my lips, everything was a flood of God’s unexpected grace. 2009 appears to be turning out the same. What’s happened thus far? Well, relatively little to write home about. But that’s okay. I am most likely just being paced for what’s around the corner.

I’m sure there are a lot of serious thoughts on our mind on entering another year, even after two weeks. We feel somehow light-hearted, while at he same time we feel the weight. Somehow I feel sorry for those who can’t lay their weight on Christ. I don’t know what’s coming for any of us, but I do know that I will be able to stand up to it, whatever it is, by God’s grace.

I like some of the things Jonathan Edwards says about remembering your past in the way you spend your time:

“You are not now at the beginning of your time. A great deal of time is past and gone; all the wit, power and treasure of the universe cannot recover it. Many of you well conclude that more than half of your time is gone. Although you might live to the ordinary age of man, your hourglass is more than half empty, and possibly there are but few sands remaining.

How have you let the precious golden sands of your hourglass run?….

When you look back, and search, do you not find this past time of your lives in a great measure empty, having not been filled up with any good improvement? And if God, who has given you your time, should now call you to an account, what account could you give Him?”

Personally, I feel both ready and not ready to die. On the one hand, I know where I’m going. On the second, I believe that God has given us all a work to do. I sometimes wonder if mine is finished. But it’s not for me, or anyone else to say. “And that,” as Gandalf put it. “is an encouraging thought.”

It’s helpful to think, especially when you look at your past, to remember, as incredibly cliché as this sounds, that today is the beginning of the rest of your life. The only question is, what do plan on doing with it? I think, by God’s grace, that I am not quite so directionless this year as I was last. But then again, direction is pointless if you never see it through. It takes God’s grace to do anything of any worth; so we can’t ask God to show us the way and we’ll go. He has to lead us. But we say “Lead” if we never reckoned on following. Let us pray for grace to face this new year. Let us ask that God would “take our life, and make it matter.”

a flash of lighting: I went and saw the movie Bolt on Saturday. I know, I know. I went and saw one last week didn’t I? if you go see movies more than a few times a year, it spoils the magic. I would agree, but it was for Ben’s birthday. And I really wanted to see that. But I won’t write a full review. I don’t want to waste overly much of my allotment of space talking about visual entertainment. Let me sum up by saying that it was an excellent movie, especially for family viewing. Hilarious, clean, action-packed, and dare-I-say-it heart-warming in a dare-I-say-it good way, it proved to be highly enjoyable. Even better than The Day The Earth Stood Still. while I was watching it I was hoping for more action. B when it was over I thought that would’ve just made it dumber. Pretty cool. At least on level with Meet The Robinsons.

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