the word is alive, part the second


a conflict of ideas: on the front page of (my very dear server, who I love, by the way) there’s a link to whatever is the most trafficked blog on the block. Recently, it was a post called “How to Stump Anti-Abortionists with One Question.” I didn’t venture to read what that person (to repress my feelings) had to say on his site, so I am not sure of his intent, but I did see what the question was: “If abortion was illegal, what should happen to mothers who have illegal abortions?”

The problem is, I’m not stumped.

I think if we searched the scriptures, we would find a reasonable answer to this inquiry. I think anyone who willingly kills their child, no matter where it is living, no matter what the mothers age, should get the same punishment that should be given to the thug who kills the five year old who was strolling down the street. The problem is, this answer is extremely hard to swallow. People don’t want to hear something that they consider so brutal. They would rather, I don’t know, kill a helpless 0.5 year-old or something. Even we Christians don’t like to put it that way. We most of us would much rather stand back. Why? Why don’t we have complete confidence in the sufficiency of what God says, rather than try and cushion it for modern ears? After all, if it’s what God is saying, why should it matter how people respond to it? Romans 7:12

We have so lost our confidence in God’s word that His enemies are given occasion to blaspheme when we offer them our cliché’s and shallow answers to problems. And, ultimately, our lack of confidence comes from a low view of who God is. If He were really who we say He is, why do we try to lighten the things the Word tells us very plainly? The Word is an unfathomable mystery, and we can’t fully understand it, but why, on the other hand, do we make lies of what it says of the sufficiency of Christ, the fullness of His work, His instructions for following Him, for daily life, &c, by our disbelief? We all of us could be said to be guilty of refusing to walk boldly in whatever God tells us to do. For, me, the things that are pointed out in the Word that hit close to home are sometimes difficult not to just creep around it.

Be ye Imitators of Satan…

What did Christ say? “Whosoever shall confess Me before men, him shall the Son of man confess before the angels of God; But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God.” Luke 12:8-9

What do we say? “I’m a Christian, and I believe in parents being able to provide children with religious instruction without interference from the state. But I also believe our schools are there to teach worldly knowledge and science. I believe in evolution, and I believe there’s a difference between science and faith. That doesn’t make faith any less important than science. It just means they’re two different things. And I think it’s a mistake to try to cloud the teachings of science with theories that frankly don’t hold up to scientific enquiry.” Barack Obama.

Creation is just one example. The point is, if you really believe what God says, you will practice it in every area.

If we take a look, who are we following when we question what God says? Who was the first to question His word? It was, well, Satan (Gen. 3:1-5). And who do we want to follow? Most people, even those who aren’t professing Christians, don’t care to be called imitators of Satan. B that’s who we are when we call God’s word into question.

When we focus on God’s character, our faith is strengthened. And really, faith is the only way to walk in the Word. I guess it’s helpful for me to remember, that, though I go through struggles and trials, Christ never lied to me. And He never will.


  1. #1 by ellie on January 30, 2009 - 4:34 pm

    Took me a few minutes to find that button too. It’s on the blog near the top of the sidebar, under the picture there are a list of links one of which is ‘SPREAD THE WORD’ and that’s where I got it.

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