sickness or symptom?

I write this in full knowledge of my inherent loss of credibility due to my last post. If you think I’m crazy, you may as well just leave.
Of course, crazy can be a good thing. This Personhood Amendment looks like a good thing, though a lot of people write it off as, well, crazy. I feel like the whole thing is going off without us. I’m sure there are a lot of doubts surrounding this, and a heavy dosage of fear.
I guess when you commit to something like this there are questions you need to ask. Not as to whether or not it should be done, but questions that will determine your perspective. Like, Is abortion a sickness or a symptom?
We really have only to look around us for the answer. The Church was long since fallen asleep when abortion was “legalized.” Really the only way that evil could triumph for so long and be accepted in our land would be for the Church to do nothing. I feel guilty about this, because I know people all over the web are talking about how bad a state the Church is in and nobody seems to do anything about it, and that it‘s easy to say from behind the keyboard. Well, really, the only way anything will get done is if Christ intercedes. Till then, our main battleground should be humble and contrite prayer before God, that He would restore His church. From my investigations, I find that the foreground of reformation is never where the majority of the work goes on. There are always hours of struggle beforehand, hours of prayer, hours of simply living for Christ in day to day work, or helping with thing like the Personhood Amendment in ways that nobody notices. The reason abortion is legal is that people would rather write to their congressman, hand out Pro-life literature, or, if options dwindle, sit at home and just let the babies die rather than really follow Christ.
A good, professional doctor will never go on treating the symptoms and ignoring the sickness. We need to realize that if we’re going to continue fighting abortion, it needs to be heart up. It always was a stupid plan to try and change the way the people think by making them act different. I think a lot of people have a vision for this Personhood Amendment that it will put us into contact with people so that even if it doesn’t get passed, abortion itself will be unacceptable, or at least slowed. I hope that may happen. But if we can’t get a grip of the fact that it’s not abortion that’s the problem; it’s us. If you heard, “The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” well, that’s incorrect. “Good men” don’t do nothing.
All the doubts and questions in my mind about this issue came to a climax the other day when I was listening to a sermon by Jordan Thomas, who preached at our Church no long ago:
He told us about a man who told him that he believed God’s hand was in something; but that he wasn’t satisfied with just His hand, but he wanted His Face.
That hit me like a comet. If that’s not our aim, then where are we going?
I’m not speaking against the Personhood Amendment. Far from that. But we do need to check our outlook, our motives, and desires going into this. The good thing about activity is that it makes us hungry. God help our perspective and aim to be right.

  1. #1 by Riley Dad on February 17, 2009 - 9:39 pm

    Great reminder, son, for us to keep Christ & His glory front & center of all that we do. We must also be careful to not “Spiritualize” things to the point where we never make any progress in practical acts of holiness/ striving for greater sanctification and loving our neihbors/ praticing “true religion” — while using this inaction as a sign of growing maturity & discernment. ( for the record, I KNOW that wasn’t what you were saying).

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