containing a brief account of the events of the last several days

The last five or six days have been extremely hectic….for this family, at least. On Wednesday, a family, the Zastrows, who came down here to work on the Personhood Amendment came to stay at our house. I like having people over, but the last time this family came this particular family came the basement flooded. I hoped there was no connexion (yes, I spelled that right). There wasn’t, and we ended up having a great time. The food was good, the fellowship, and we got some outdoor exercise. Plus we had excuses to invite some of our favourite “have over” people, like the Duleys, Lee and his family, the Cs, etcetera. On Friday night another family was added (you can meet some of them here and here). They brought the grand total of people in our house to 26, nineteen of those being under eighteen and of a playful disposition. So we had a great time.
As I said, I like having people over, but it is a truth universally acknowledged that whenever we have people stay for more than a day or two, something will go wrong. Almost always, the power will go out. Occasionally the basement floods, people have to make emergency trips to the hospital, and so on. This time:
On only their second day here, the eldest daughter of the first family, Corrie, injured her foot in an outdoor game. She was on crutches and laid back for the next several days.
Secondly, we ran out of propane. Our fire place was working, so cold wasn’t a problem except when it applied to uncooked food. The ingenious system of the people we buy propane from is to deliver it to our area only on Mondays. Thankfully, even though we had a large crowd Sunday night, and we didn’t eat dinner at Church that day, we made it buy admirably with three crock pots, a turkey roaster, microwave oven and the griddle.
So, things ran pretty smoothly under the circumstances. For some reasons, it seems easier to get things done when we have people over than otherwise. I won’t go into the reasons why.
The Zastrows are from Michigan, so it was interesting to watch the how that played out, with northern ignorance meeting southern arrogance, but there were relatively few debates, and all the finest qualities of our culture were well manifested, like our good food, our lingo,
When, on Monday morning, our house was again virtually empty (save twelve people), Mercy was devastated. She had played with and talked to Corrie the entire time, and I guess she thought it was permanent. As usual, she got over it, but I can hear her talking about Corrie at this very moment.
I think part of the “great adventure” of our lives as Christians is being able to talk to and fellowship with friends in a way that draws us closer to Christ and in love to one another. On Sunday night, for instance, I had a perhaps twenty or thirty minute talk with a friend that could’ve lasted for hours, and wouldn’t have lost its sweetness. However, as we do most things, we often take such mercies for granted. We have our knots that we like to spend time with, and have a hard time conversing over serious matters with anyone else. The Zastrows reminded me that our time here is short, and the people we are around, both those who know Christ and those who don’t, are precious. Its not wrong to talk about “fun” things, but we need to love others enough to remember to spend valuable time talking with them, so that we might “know” them so much the better.

Mercy’s daily quote:
Mercy: “Jake, can you do me a faaavour?” (emphasis on the “a”)
Me: “What favour?”
Mercy: “Can you get my green purse from outside?”
Me (having no idea that she had a green purse): “You left it outside? Where is it?”
Mercy: “Um, I’ll go and put it out there.”

  1. #1 by Hannah Baggett on March 4, 2009 - 9:54 am

    Awww, Mercy is so adorable!! Y’all really had a house full!!


    “but I can here her talking about Corry at this very moment.”

    It should be:
    “but I can HEAR her talking about Corry at this very moment”

    Everybody makes those mistakes with homonyms.

  2. #2 by flinding on March 4, 2009 - 10:40 am

    “but I can here her talking about Corry at this very moment.”
    To what r u referring?

  3. #3 by Caleb on March 5, 2009 - 2:06 pm

    You misspelled the present form of the verb which describes the sensation of receiving sound waves by the ear; to wit, “here” means this location, “hear” means awareness of noise – a very minor slipup in the broad scheme of things.
    Nonetheless I always enjoy reading your blog and find it a real blessing – not to mention hilarious at times. (Oh wait I did mention it)
    See you tonight.

  4. #4 by Hannah Baggett on March 7, 2009 - 4:38 pm

    What I’m referring to is exactly what Caleb said. Did you enjoy the Wedding?


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