a visit by the queen, part one

  I hope that I am not presumtuous in writing something after this manner. Months ago, I undertook to write an exposition of Psalm 23. Now, I believe that sprung simply from a desire to write something. I pray that this will not be true of the following, and that it arises from a real burden of heart. 

  The other day I read a story about a Queen:a queen who heard of the exceeding greatness, wealth, glory,and wisdom of a King. Upon Hearing, she went, desiring to test this one about whom she had heard such stories; she went, and not without risk, she laid before him “all that was in her heart.” So greatly impressed was she, that she could truly say of him, “Thy wisdom and prosperity exceed that which I have heard.” Indeed, she, a queen, went on to say “Happy are these thy servants, which stand before you continually, and hear thy wisdom.”

   Of Course, ’tis a story with which we are all familiar. It’s the story, in 1 Kings 10, of the Queen of Sheba going to King Solomon; but, let us not dare reduce it’s splendour to that. Is there nothing more than that which can be found here?

   Here it seems there are stores for the converted and lost alike, if we would but search them out. (You should read it). Truly, in so vast a Book, it is difficult for even one truth to be mined: but let us continue digging, nonetheless.

   For, in the first place, it may be seen that the Queen of Sheba did not content herself with a mere knowledge of hearsay. Rather she came, and was willing to commune her whole heart before this king, that she might see him as he was.

  Sinner and Christian alike, we must all take on this same spirit, if we wish for any gain in our souls. We have our Tozers, and  our Amy Carmicheals, and our Rutherfords (name your favourites), and more so, we have the testimonies of Christians around us who’s lives have been changed in dramatic ways by God’s power. Can we be content to look at their depth of experience of free grace, and know of it with a mere head knowledge?

  The same fountains are open to us, if we truly desired them. It is very true when it is said that we are as spiritual as we want to be right now. You may say that getting know God is difficult, and that it takes years and years and years. Well, of course it does! We are all barely beginning. But if we truly desire Christ, and not something else, the difficulties begin to fade, and are found joys, as Paul found them to be. We must be very cold. For the Queen of Sheba, her desire was stronger than all else; what is Solomon to Christ?

  1. #1 by Emily on July 17, 2009 - 12:20 pm

    Great post, but there’s something I’ve been wanting to point out to you. I’m using a weird name so you don’t have to moderate this. Here goes:

    AC’s name is spelled C-A-[no ‘H’]-R-M-I-C-H-A-E-L. Get it? ‘Car’ plus ‘Michael’. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

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