i’m home anywhere if You are where i am, part one

Y’all are probably wondering about my shameful neglect of this site. A lot of that is justified. Some of the time, though, I’ve been away. So here I am to fill in the few of you that are faithful readers. But before I go any further, let me introduce you to some good friends of mine:


Admittedly, it’s a terrible picture. Half of us aren’t looking, and I am not, (do you hear me? NOT!) a Rebels fan. But these are now some of my best friends, left to right: Katie, Jason Storms (not looking), Nicole, Jon Jon (in the same general  area as Nicole), Caytie, David (barely visible behind Caytie), Caleb (looking away), Sara Storms, Julia (the lovely young lady dead cetre in the front), Chris (again, barely visible), Ellen Riley (I still don’t know much about her), Candace, Hannah, Jake Riley (again, I didn’t get to know him very well), Alli, Charlie in back, Nicholas in front. (and a toddler name Elliot who was asleep in the van.) They constitute the Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism. From Wisconsin. I know. Northern territory. But individually they were from all over, and from all different backgrounds. They just had generally common passions.

Our camera was broken. I’ll put up better and more informative pictures once they’re e-mail to me.

So, to tell what I’ve been up to briefly,

Thursday 5th: The FSSE arrived at our house, we got to know them, hung out, prayed and sang together.

dfh 001

Friday 6th: Went to Ole Miss with the faithful soldiers, worked there for several hours on things like petitioning while Caleb or Jason preached; had an enjoyable ride over to Cleveland MS, lots of chances to fellowship together, had some adventurous moments at DSU, then a fun ride home. There was a serious conversation gong on in the front, but since I couldn’t hear, being in the back along with half the others, I was delighted to get the chance to sing and swap hymns with Hannah (as in my sister) Hannah, Chris, David, and Nicole, (who was gifted with a wonderful singing voice).

Saturday: Went with Caleb F. to Vardeman, MS, where there was a festival going on. After being there for a about  three hours, Caleb had to leave for work, and I was…alone. In hostile territory. For about an hour and a half till Jamie came to rescue me. That evening, I went to the last Salvation in Full Colour book study, going through the the chapter on The Final Warning. Very challenging to our complacency, as well as our lack of gratitude. Afterward, we went to Jamie’s house and spent half an hour trying to put together one of those puzzles that like is one picture made up of thousands. Ouch.

Sunday: Went to Church (wonderful Sermon), the Faithful Soldiers departed for Jackson, and we had to go get pictures taken at our grandparents house. The whole afternoon felt kinda surreal.

Monday: Typical. School, working, reading, packing.

Tuesday: Arose;  Ellen, my Mom and I left around nine or something; did stuff that needed to be done in Pontotoc; left the county at about ten o’clock or ten-thirty. Rode to Jackson (listening to Russel Moore); went and met the Faithful Soldiers at a college in Clinton, MS; Ellen and I are Left Behind; and we don’t complain. That evening we went to some old friend’s house with all of the Faithful Soldiers, had a wonderful time sitting around a campfire and getting to talk to people (campfires are always lovely times for that). Went back to the country retreat-type place where they were staying; stayed up till 1:30 reading and hanging out.

Wednesday: Was able to wake up very early and spend time alone. Went canoeing for a while; headed for Hattiesburg, to the University of Southern Mississippi; worked there all day, doing basically the same things we did at Ole Miss; that evening we had a another nice drive down to the coast, where we were treated to dinner; afterward Caleb, Caytie, Chris and I went to a youth’s “Bible study” (by the way, apparently some new translation includes discussing the “spiritual significance” behind modern teen secular music videos as part of the Bible. Go figure.).  After that, Caleb, Chris, Ellen, Nicole, Candace and I tried to walk to the coast. We were told if we just followed the Pearl River, we would get there. After so away we went, singing hymns and talking as we rounded obstacles, walked the train tracks, and climbed out on long abandoned piers (some over conscientious young fellow kept yelling at Caleb and Nicole to be careful. Weirdo.) After we found that due to fences, overflows, private property, and such, that there was no way we were going to find the ocean no matter how big, we headed back for the church (Nicole and I raced a train, but the rest were of a more moderate disposition, and waited till it passed). After staying  up late again, I turned in…..

  1. #1 by Katie on November 17, 2009 - 1:44 pm

    I’m glad you’re home.

  2. #2 by RileyDad on November 18, 2009 - 3:41 pm

    Anxiously awaiting part 2

  3. #3 by flinding on November 19, 2009 - 9:39 am

    Will do soon. I really want to get some more pictures before I post again, though…..

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