things we take for granted…

A modern catchphrase is, “Look to yourself for inspiration.” It’s pretty stupid, but it fits into the hierarchy of inspiration, being:

Look to yourself, (lowest)

Look to others

Look to the person of God. (highest)

Now what I’m about to write is inspired by reading something another person wrote about all the blessings we have that we do not even realize. I used to talk about this a lot (these three times, to be exact: one, two, three). It is still true: if we counted what we had with its true value, we might give God  a little more of that “momentary praise” that He deserves.

What do I mean by that? I mean that if all the praise of all men and Angels from eternity were compressed into one moment of time, and  that praise were given by me, that would still be not a fraction of the homage He deserved from that moment alone, from me alone. He has design to gain the utmost praise from His creation to all eternity, but that doesn’t mean the Infinite One is not still infinitely more worthy than anything that can ever be given. This is comforting, since we know that we can never praise Him too much. Now He does give us those moments of divine ecstasy in which we seem to overflow with praises, but even in these we still know nothing as we ought to know; indeed, He seems to train us to praise Him, for if He was to give any more “above what we could ask or think” than He does already, it seems we would be killed by the overwhelmingness of it. But, but, what of those times when our thoughts depart from His praises? not in the necessary offerings of work and such, but in the times when we are “free” to think? What of those lost moments? That we take for granted.

Obviously, we cannot while our time away lamenting what is lost; for one of the best ways to redeem moments is to remember what we’ve been given: this requires we remember what we truly deserve. Not “nothing.” But all the supreme negatives are what ought fall to our lot, if you consider just how worthy God is of everything we fail to give Him. Just think: Church, friends: blessed brothers and sisters in Christ;  families, art, education, breath.

Think of the greatness of breath! Every time you take a breath, the foreknowledge and power of God is working. All the events in history, everything that has kept this world spinning, has been leading up towards that one breath. That breath was not the purpose of it all, but it was thought of before the world began. Every time you go out into the woods to get alone with God, He knew that when He created the first pine tree, its descendants would be sheltering you at that very time! Once begin contemplating everything that gets by us in day to day living, and it becomes vibrantly alive all our busyness.

And all these things I’ve listed are not necessary to our happiness: a shame when we think it so. Only Christ is: but God has given all these things to teach us more about Himself. Let’s not take them for granted.

How appropriate that verse which the aforementioned writer used: “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love…He does not treat us as our sins deserve…” Psalm 103:8, 10

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