an unlikely love story (thou art still Mine)

I Will tell thee thy story,

For thou must be told

How thou wast born unto vagabonds,

In days now grown old

How thou sat in thy blood,

And knew not to cry

And thy loathsome estate,

Drew no pitying eye.


Then I passed by thee,

Saw thy loathsome estate

Like the dirt was thy sin

And the blood was thine hate

And though Justice well knew thee

My power did give

A hand to My Mercy

To reach out and say “Live.”


Then thou grew of my increase,

Like a woman, a tree,

Thy ornaments precious

For I covered thee

Then I washed and anointed thee,

With a beauty divine

I swore covenant with thee,

And I said “Thou art Mine.”


Then I lavishly dressed thee,

And clothed thee in silk

And decked thee with jewelry,

Thy glory to fulfill

Then all saw thy beauty,

Thy glorious dress

And thou wert made lovely,

With My comeliness


But thou trusted thy beauty,

Thy pomp and renown,

And defiled that love

Twas reserved but for One

Then thou took off thy jewelry

And thou gazed upon it,

Thus forgetting the Giver,

and worshiping the gift.


Thou hadst forgotten thy first Love,

And abode with another

And slew for him the children

Of which thou wast the mother

These things thou didst do

All before thy God

Forgettest thou now,

When I pulled thee from blood?


Unfilled from all these things

Thou sought to do more

Selling thyself out,

An abominable whore

Now woe unto thee,

Sayest I thy first lover

Now thy garments, defilement

No longer will cover.


Now unlike other harlots

That the sinners must pay,

Thou offerst reward,

To take thy purity away

See now the horror

This insatiable life

For was not all joyful,

When thou wast my wife?


Justice cried out to thee,

For now His time had come,

Now come thou unto me,

Whilst I pronounce my doom

Now these strangers will I gather

And let them stand aghast

As I take away thy garments,

And reveal to them thy past


Now their swords are naked,

Now the stones are cast,

Since your filth is held before them

They will punish to the last

With fire shall they smite thee

For all that thou hadst done,

Till My jealousy is rest

And all My wrath is done.


Now all speak against thee

A proverb is thy name

How you Husband hath been hated

Thy birthparents are ashamed

In wickedness they birthed you,

In My purity you grew

Yet now thou showest whoredoms

Thy parents never knew


Behold thou hast two sisters,

Which were punished long ago

Though they had never witnessed

Such mercy as well thou know

Their wickedness thou judgedst,

But thou art their comforter

For, they say, For all my sins,

At least I’m not like her.


In thy old estate art thou again,

In shame remembering me?

But now it is for pure Love’s sake,

That I must punish thee

Yet my Vows have not been broken,

They will stand the test of time

In covenant, I draw thee near,

And say “Thou art still mine.”

  1. #1 by Ellie on April 6, 2010 - 8:12 pm

    I think this is my favourite of yours I’ve yet read.

  2. #2 by Emily on April 7, 2010 - 9:00 am

    I was going to say the same thing.

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