emotions and fear, part one

I would never seek to act or to play on peoples fears or emotions in any way whatsoever (but you do, the objection rises). Or at least, not these standing alone, for Truth will stand apart from either. But there really is a huge incentive for both these things, brought from truth.
For example, to prompt one to deep and heartfelt emotion, of the purest kind, one merely has to consider such a thing as this:

“There is nothing in the Created Universe that God hates as much as sin; and there is nothing in Creation He has loved as much as the sinner.” John Snyder.

To consider such God-like love is beyond staggering: it the sort of thing Angels, creatures which seem so high above us in the order of that which was created, long to look into such things.
There is nothing in time nor space that can be used to eximplify what this Love is: to compare it to hating poison, but loving a snake, is weak. A picture, yea, an example, even the very action of such a love might be seen in a Man who was good, perfect in conduct, invaluable in His service to His fellow man who deserved it not, a man who was so pure and good that His purity and Goodness exceeded far the weight of however bad we could contrive to be; if such a Man were to willingly die a death for which was reserved for a murderer, this, I say, is an example of so high a love.
Nothing, surely, but a Love which purposed to display and glorify itself unto all Eternity, could cause the Son and Father to impose upon themselves seperation, so that the Son cried out as one forsaken. Love is such a characteristic of the Godhead that the word alone is found a fitting description for Him in this Scriptures. And so delightful and deep was this Love that God created all things in order to display the vastness and glory thereof. Not haphazardly; God did not create men, and simply let them lose in Paradise to see what would happen, and carry on from there. Nor did He find Himself in a dilemma after man chose sin, (though choose it he did), for how He might retain His character after this disasterous miscarraige of Creation. He foreknew all that was to come, for it was His creation, and in the fulness of time sent His own into the world, bridging eternity into time, infinite into finite, invisible into visible, that of the ones who had done that which He hated most, He might redeem a people.
God’s hatred for sin was no petty emotion: His holiness is what makes it sin, His sovereignty is what makes it rebellion, His Love makes it absurd. It is giving to Him in part what we owe Him in full.
But get a minute glimpse of the Holiness of the Almighty, as Isaiah the Prophet had, and you will immediately abhorre yourself as he did.
We do not understand the depth of sin because we do not understand the height of God.
BUT, even as He Created man with the understanding that this which He had created would offend Him, (else we accuse the Almighty of being caught unawares by sin, which is folly) He created also with the intention of seperating Himself from His Son that He might pour out the wrath which was stored up for the vile and pour it on the Holy; so that (in all reverence) the record of our sin is at a deficit, we being washed in blood and clothed in righteousness, and we now stand as sons to sup daily at the table, not of the rich but of the Inexhaustable; not of earthly kings but of God, who holds sway over the rulers of this earth.
God allowed that the blessings He created should be lost through the blundering stupidity of rebels, that they might to Him give glory for more blessing than they lost.
If we try to tap into the mysteries of The Eternal, the Unchangable, and explain or even adequetly picture them, we are fools to say the least. To think that my words will give you conception of who God is, what He has done, and how and why He has done it as the Scriptures say He has prove that I have little faith, for do I not believe that our God will remain inexplicable? But if someone say to the miner, “You waste your time, for this mine continues forever.” If the gems be priceless, should not the answer be, “Than I will dig forever.” Yea, and God has exceeded the bounds of forever. He was always eternal, but we can never begin going backward and trying to mine what’s behind because there is always the ahead, always the right, always beneath, always above, always around to mine, dig, gaze, treasure, to search the unsearchable.
So no, I cannot breach the great mystery of why God has done what He has, nor why He loves the sinner. Without a doubt, any reasons He has are drawn from within Himself. But I will be the first to assert that He has loved; that He has loved the sinner.
And surely such a thing as this cannot but incite emotion.

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