tour memories (letter to self)

the following was written for friends of mine and myself especially considered, and shared to the FB world. But perhaps it may be found helpful in this venue as well. Or I haven’t found time to post other things with weddings and all.

Tours. Whether you have been on a few or on twenty, there is no doubt that they are earth shattering events.
Being with friends you love 24/7, doing everything together, long car rides, steaming cups of tea, late night discussions, early morning grumbling, getting out on the grind and talking about serious issues with people that you fully realize you will only see once, and this may be a life-altering discussion– these and all the other endearing elements have lasting effects on our souls and emotions.
We all love tours. We anticipate them, whether they be within our state with local friends, or whether they be halfway across the country with all of our scattered homies who have come together for a common cause. When we’re on them, we feel as if every day were a week and yet too short, and every ounce of energy in our physical and sentient being is engaged, and we wish we could continue this way forever. And when they are over, all the emotions, all the memories, everything that has been our life for two weeks comes to a screeching halt, and we’re left with the pain of adjusting to the mundane.
We look at pictures, discuss times past with our siblings, haunt Facebook, and anticipate with joy the next time we can join our dear friends.

And from somewhere deep inside, we feel the faint warmth of something forgotten: and then we see deep within our hearts the embers of a formerly blazing fire of love to Christ that has remained uncultivated because we have been so satisfied with our acts of service which we had draped around our blatant hedonism.
We are taken aback: we had felt such warm zeal for the work in which we were engaged, work which separated us from the complacent and introspective labels we had plastered on those we call the “American church”. We thought we were doing something with our lives, but to any who looked behind the sign we have been holding they see a lifestyle that ends love to our King when in tries to get past our wrists into our hearts, minds, mouths, and spare time. We examine the life we live and realize that rather than putting love into action, we been in love with our actions.
The sweetness of ministry done with friends and being enjoyed and suffered through and laughed-through together are great adornments to sound doctrine: but they make very poor christs.
I love pro-life ministry and tours, though I’ve done it less than most of you– but if these steal my heart in such a way that I cannot turn around and do the dishes in complete love to Christ, and without longing for anything more than He’s given me, than idolatry has taken place. If I do all the pro-life check lists and then the rest of my conduct (how I act with my friends, the things I say, the time I waste, &c) is given to carelessness, then legalism has taken place. If I gain my perfect world, and lose the of love to Christ in my soul, it is petty profit indeed.
And we who are young –I who am young– are easily susceptible to this.



  1. #1 by Charity on June 16, 2011 - 7:37 pm

    Wow!!! luv this post!!! Tours r awesome!!

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