a day

Time, like an ever rolling stream, bears all its sons away…
How precious and quick are the years that to us are given. Any one who has survived more than a decade can say that in looking back upon each years as it passes, that it flew from our grasp quicker than we could even notice. Week by week turns into month, so little seems to change because time is too swift for it. And those times in our lives which we have set aside for some purpose seem gone before they are realized.
But, morning by morning, the believer, and indeed every man, wakes up to the same reality with which we fight all our lives:
A day.
To set goals, and to ready ourselves for an upcoming year is no great challenge: even when January first breaks down upon us, the year is yet a broad concept. But the day, constantly in our face, something we shall have to fight through every moment. Tomorrows are little matters: who can tell what God will do? But as soon as we turn off our alarms, and prepare to go to work, and face the crawling of the hours as we anticipate the completion of yet another fraction of that which we know will make of all of our lives, we are faced with a choice: will the day be that which I dread most, or that which I anticipate most? Upon waking, we generally cannot choose where we will be working, who we will be around, who our family is, how annoyed we will be, or anything else which has been set in place at a previous time.
But, to us is given the opportunity of saying, that this day, is the day in which I had the chance to love Christ more than I have ever loved Him before. Think of it! What you are duty bound to do, what your circumstances immediately are, has no bearing on this: there is no outside factor that can prevent us from loving Christ more. Indeed, to the contrary, we have everything to our favor. We have,
A sun that continues to rise and fall at His command;
A bed from which to rise which His blessing sustains;
A family to love, a mother who bore us, carried us when we couldn’t walk, fed us when we wouldn’t chew, a father who looked after us and saw our needs supplied: if this does not describe your family, know that whatever God ordained for you was unthinkably above and beyond what you deserved;
We have our air, our food, our lives, which at any point in time would have ended through even the slightest alteration of circumstances;
But, above, far above and beyond that, we have:
A Sun of righteousness, Whose glory beams from His shaping the world (Gen. 1, Col. 1:16, John 1:3, &c) to His reshaping all things at the end of time; these things are displayed for us in Scripture, in the faithful account o His despite with His own throughout History, and in the evidences of His goodness in our own lives. We have the Beauty and Holiness and Fulness that is in the Son of God to captivate our hearts;
We have the sweet blessings which envelope us in the Gospel, being planned for us (Isaiah 42ff, Eph. 1:4ff) secured for us, by virtue of Christ uniting us to Himself, by virtue of His righteousness being given us and our sin being eliminated in His bearing the punishment deserved; and every comfort is held out to us, that we may taste and be satisfied in the Lord alone;
We have the Family of God, in that we are of one Father, and have One who is not ashamed to call us His brethren,  in whom we draw near;
We had every Spiritual Blessing procured for us IN Christ, and a God who supplies all our needs, above and beyond all that we mint ask or even imagine, according to the Riches that are in Christ.
We have every reason to desire and work toward this being that day, and then tomorrow, and the. The day following, to be the day in which we loved Christ Jesus (look upon His name: Christos [anointed] Jeshua [deliverer]) more than before.
Indeed, all we have to do to stir up sub a passion within us, is turn our eyes to study and know these things about Him: and the more our hearts, and our minds, are acquainted with these things, he more we are content to love Him with our day.
Day by day, we awake, and are faced with this wonderful reality, that we can by Christ come and stay in he House of the Lord. If we do so, we will want more; for we know that day to be better than a thousand elsewhere.

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