Revamping, shifting gears, saying goodbye….

So, is the Blog dying?

turinsblog. I made up that name in 2007, when I was in the midst of a Tolkien craze. That was back when blogging was still cool, and people read what each other was saying even if it were more than 140 characters. As time moved on, and as we evolved more into the world of smartphones and tablets, it just became more convenient to packet small amounts of information in readily accessible formats as we absorbed ourselves in the social world: Twitter for thoughts; Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, and the like for photos; things like the emerging “Pinterest” for sharing things; Facebook for a rough combination of the above (sorry, Google+. Everybody’s just about forgotten you).

I used to be completely engrossed in the blogging world: I loved writing, and I loved reading how other people expressed themselves. But even this has fallen into disuse; something I don’t like, even though I’ve participated.

But moreso, some of the wonderful topics which have been considered on this site and others deserve more exposition than 140 characters. Such topics as, the beauty and glory of nature, the silent mercies of family, the closeness of friendships, and the Holy and High banner of Christ that flies over every one of these things in the lives of those that love Him. We can express these things in a status update; but by writing and reading about them in depth, we do more than express: we cultivate. We want to enjoy the storms, the tea cups, the books and the friendship more.

Turinsblog has seen better days of the authors writing, better days of readership and better participation before. And I’m grateful for what it has been, I’m grateful for the goofy mistakes along the way. But, maybe it’s time has come and gone. Maybe, after 4 and 1/2 years, it’s time for a fresh start…and maybe you feel the same: I don’t know.

A Fresh Start…One with which I want help…

So, from here, where do I go? If you’re still a dedicated reader, you’ll remind me that I have unfinished series. I’m getting to that. But for now, I’ll say this: I want to set up a multi-author site, or a least another blog in which I ask other people to contribute. It will follow along the same lines as this one, but won’t hopefully be centered around moi. Because we’re never meant to be the center. “It’s not about me…it’s about HIM.”

So, I’m starting under a new name. The other authors are….well, that’s where you come in. Hopefully, if I can make a new site the site that this used to be, it’ll be more than one person at the helm. I’ve thought of a few people to ask, but if you know any aspiring writers, or if you are one, let me know!


As I get the new endeavor underway, I’m going to cheat a little. To those who have been reading for four years, some of the content may seem a little familiar. I’m going to take the highlights of the last several years, (or the posts that I liked) and give them a little makeover. The first reason for this is to give fresh life to old writing, and improve upon it; the second is I may be too busy with school to write a whole lot of full length stuff at the moment…

So, if you’ve been a faithful reader, I want to know what you think….What are some blogs that you’ve been influenced by? What do you like/dislike about this particular site? is another one worth the effort?

We shall see.



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