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Just Another Reminder to Hit Up the New Page

For any of you who are still following, just a quick reminder that this author has started fresh with a new address: Advertisements

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Here It Is. The New Site.

Introduction. If you receive emails from this site, follow it on WordPress, or disinterestedly read at irregular intervals, I would love your advice on the new location, look, and objective. The above link should take you to the site: I’m still fooling around with the header.

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Revamping, shifting gears, saying goodbye….

So, is the Blog dying? turinsblog. I made up that name in 2007, when I was in the midst of a Tolkien craze. That was back when blogging was still cool, and people read what each other was saying even if it were more than 140 characters. As time moved on, and as we evolved […]


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glorifying God through your iOS

This Holiday season saw a 148% increase in activations of iOS and Android devices over the same time last year. That means millions of people around the world are walking around with new smartphones, iPads, iTouches, et cetera. I can relate, because my dad was one of them. Even as I write this, he is […]

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family movie night: 2011

I once summarized the “Top Five Best” of 2008 under various categories. Right now I’m going a little simpler,  and am going to give you a list of some of the films from 2011 I watched and think you will enjoy (disclaimer: some of these have not yet reached DVD). 1) Courageous This year’s offering […]

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the extent of the atonement: what did Spurgeon believe?

I fully realize that I’ve not been posting with any constancy. To the two or three faithful readers of this site, I’ve down so intentionally for a reason. I love writing, so much that it is what I default to, but it can get in the way of more important things. The Adoption series has […]

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adoption: planned, accomplished, and applied, part two

I’m already dreadfully off track. I had intended to be patternistic in posting on this subject, but the last post went too long, so I didn’t really complete it’s subject matter. To fully appreciate the bountiful gift of Salvation, and to fully gaze upon all of its wonderful facets such as adoption, we cannot neglect […]

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adoption: planned, accomplished, and applied, part one

Looking through the halls of time, The Father chose a fallen race In his good pleasure, redeeming sons To show the glory of His Grace Adopted children, thy voices raise, Praise the Father’s choosing grace. Some of you may remember the poem I wrote entitled “A Trinitarian Adoption”; it tried to encompass the glorious view […]


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Calvin’s Heartcry

To my few abiding readers, I’m experiencing “Writer’s Block”. Please bear with me. Grant, Almighty God, that since thou hast at this time deigned in thy mercy to gather us to thy Church, and to enclose us within the boundaries of thy word, by which thou preserves us in the true and right worship of […]

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God’s Greatness, our redemption

A friend of mine wrote this first verse and chorus to a lovely tune, and I added the second and third verses: The Lamb of God was slain, As He cried and He suffered, God turned His face away Jesus bled and died, He’s the living sacrifice Lord take this heart of ice And break […]


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    "I find that when I am most helped, I write: and that by writing, I am helped." Augustine of Hippo
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    - A. W. Tozer
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