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God’s Greatness, our redemption

A friend of mine wrote this first verse and chorus to a lovely tune, and I added the second and third verses: The Lamb of God was slain, As He cried and He suffered, God turned His face away Jesus bled and died, He’s the living sacrifice Lord take this heart of ice And break […]


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song of fall

As Summer’s golden Sun descends, Yet all warm rays not yet withdrawn, In quiet beauty Fall creeps in, As sweetly as a harvest song The woods, before they enter sleep, Display for us their gayest dress, Shading o’er the fields we reap, As they prepare for winter’s rest. ~ The season’s shift, as waves inrolling, […]



“Lord we would see Jesus”: poem

“Lord, we would see Jesus,” Let these words flow o’er our life, To humble us in comfort, To comfort in the strife, Let fleshy longings vanish, Let earthly passions flee, “Lord we would see Jesus,” Let our ruling passion be. ~ “Lord, we would see Jesus,” What longing lips thus speak, To look upon God […]

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poem: trying to reckon, part 3

These poems have been produced in light of repentance and of Romans 6:11. Read the first here and the second here. How quick I am to forget… Unbelief! How quick to kill! This murderer that plagues me still; I trusted pride, it brought to shame, And brought dishonour on Christ’s name. ~~ Art thou cast […]


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poem: heartcry

This is the view I had each morning at the Life Action camp as I met with a small handful of guys on the dock to pray. We enjoyed deep seekings after God’s face, as well as deep heartcries for the lost and for our own souls. Not for any other reason than Christ fulfilling […]

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a Trinitarian adoption

Looking through the halls of time, The Father chose a fallen race In his good pleasure, redeeming sons To show the glory of His Grace Adopted children, thy voices raise, Praise the Father’s choosing grace. ~ Eternal Christ, comes to redeem, His state of glory willing to leave, Taking shame, ours by birthright, That sonship […]



darkness yields: a song of subjective redemption

This was inspired while holding the precious little baby boy of some friends of mine, and seeing a physical manifestation of God’s glorious business of taking the ill and using it for good. The darkest night, no morn in sight, The sin which rent the soul apart, When flesh seemed strong, oh how we longed, […]

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a song of redemptive history

Before the Throne of God on High, All Adam’s race stands clothed in guilt: With no relief from anguished sigh, In works on which their hopes are built. The One before Whom angels bow, In righteousness rules over all, Yet sinners He abideth now, For mercy’s sake, the judgment stalls. ~ Before the Father’s Holy […]

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touched by immaturity: the necessary sequel

We ran. (this is a sequel. As with all modern story telling, especially film, it a product is well received and loved, one is compelled to continue giving it until it is hated. such appears to be the case with this story. True to all sequels, it tries it’s best to outdo it’s predecessor.) As […]


higher glories

Turn away thine eyes, for they have overcome me, The beauty of thy face, no heart can understand, Things the mind of man could never hope to fashion, These are the glorious workings of our Creator’s hand: Yet greater wonders ever shine, From that face of Loveliness Divine. ~~ The sun in it’s glory outshineth […]


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    "I find that when I am most helped, I write: and that by writing, I am helped." Augustine of Hippo
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    “We love the old saints, missionaries, martyrs, and reformers. Our Luthers, Bunyans, Wesleys and Asburys, etc... We will write their biographies, reverence their memories, frame their epitaphs, and build their monuments. We will do anything except imitate them. We cherish the last drop of their blood, but watch carefully over the first drop of our own.”
    - A. W. Tozer
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