our former passions: “here I stand”

  I recently had the privilege of being at the summer Youth Camp that my friend  Jason Storms puts on. In the midst of my busyness at Wheaton, it was a chance to get a lot of necessary reading and quiet time in, as well as an opportunity to be around some of my best friends on earth. The theme […]

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Cars 2: forgot to publish

This was written six months ago; I recently discovered it and realized it had never been published. So. for the little it’s worth: When I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2, I walked away thoroughly satisfied. The movie had fully risen to the low-level of my expectation for a Dreamworks sequel. I didn’t expect […]

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to those who read this site…

Whether you are a loyal friend who has followed this site from its start in  2007, or you picked up on the way, or if you have just stumbled across me in the past few days, you probably feel conned. At turinsblog’s commencement, the commitment was to post at least one a week. For about a year […]


I did my side of the Dance: Courageous review.

Lord, I don’t know if I can ask this: could you tell her I did my side of the dance? Courageous, the latest offering from Sherwood pictures, marked the furtherance of the Kendrick brother’s filmmaking evolution, seen so blatantly in Fireproof. Whereas the latter emphasized the importance of strong marriage by zeroing-in on Kirk Cameron’s […]


song of fall

As Summer’s golden Sun descends, Yet all warm rays not yet withdrawn, In quiet beauty Fall creeps in, As sweetly as a harvest song The woods, before they enter sleep, Display for us their gayest dress, Shading o’er the fields we reap, As they prepare for winter’s rest. ~ The season’s shift, as waves inrolling, […]



a day

Time, like an ever rolling stream, bears all its sons away… How precious and quick are the years that to us are given. Any one who has survived more than a decade can say that in looking back upon each years as it passes, that it flew from our grasp quicker than we could even […]

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“Lord we would see Jesus”: poem

“Lord, we would see Jesus,” Let these words flow o’er our life, To humble us in comfort, To comfort in the strife, Let fleshy longings vanish, Let earthly passions flee, “Lord we would see Jesus,” Let our ruling passion be. ~ “Lord, we would see Jesus,” What longing lips thus speak, To look upon God […]

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poem: trying to reckon, part 3

These poems have been produced in light of repentance and of Romans 6:11. Read the first here and the second here. How quick I am to forget… Unbelief! How quick to kill! This murderer that plagues me still; I trusted pride, it brought to shame, And brought dishonour on Christ’s name. ~~ Art thou cast […]


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a song of dedication

The following, though it is in the first person, was written in honour of the birth of my nephew, (pending name) Paul Leslie Riley IV. May he grow up to make the rest of us jealous by his Christ-likeness. Oh to see the zeal of Christ, consuming all my frame, Oh to share my Brother’s […]

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poem: heartcry

This is the view I had each morning at the Life Action camp as I met with a small handful of guys on the dock to pray. We enjoyed deep seekings after God’s face, as well as deep heartcries for the lost and for our own souls. Not for any other reason than Christ fulfilling […]

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    "I find that when I am most helped, I write: and that by writing, I am helped." Augustine of Hippo
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    - A. W. Tozer
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